5 July 2020
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A development programme for female non managers.

Springboard women's development programme is designed to encourage women to establish their goals and values, gain confidence and become more positive and assertive.

It encourages women to take on new challenges and become more involved in local initiatives. The three-month programme involves 4 one day workshops, a personal work book, inspiring guest speakers and access to a range of resources during and after the programme.

Springboard encourages positive recognition and self-belief, but it is not intended as a direct route or shortcut into management. Some participants may consider their career options and development, with a view to becoming managers of the future. The programme is aimed at women in frontline roles and administrative (non-management) roles.

“There is no specific route for a fulfilling job or career; only the one that you carve for yourself. If you are willing to make the commitment to your development, the Springboard programme will help you become the best you can be.” Moya Greene.

Our leaflet provides more information for potential applicants and information for Managers.

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