6 July 2020
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Looking for some inspiration? Here are some great ideas and examples of how you can raise money and have fun.
Fundraising ideas

Royal Mail has a huge number of dedicated fundraisers and people that support so many great charities and good causes. Employee fundraising is an important part of our culture and helps many people and communities all around the UK.

We know our people have many great fundraising ideas, however if you need any inspiration, take a look at our A to Z. The guide lists popular and innovative ways to raise money for charity.

Click here to access the Fundraising A to Z guide or alternatively you can download the A to Z as a PDF.

Top ten most popular and successful fundraising activities are:

1. Marathon
2. Quiz night
3. Race night
4. Cake bakes
5. Cycle rallies
6. Sweepstakes
7. Hosting a party or BBQ
8. Raffles
9. Desk collection
10. Auctions

Royal Mail would like to give you support, advice and ideas so that you can achieve your fundraising target and hopefully have fun as well. Take a look at our fundraising toolkit which will show you, among other things, how to:

Claim matched giving

Apply for a fundraising grant to cover your costs

• Organise a fundraising event

Collecting money online is the easiest way to collect donations. You must use Charities Trust’s fundraising site, Sponsor me, to be eligible for matched giving and grants from Royal Mail. For help setting up a Sponsor me fundraising page, have a look at the step by step guide.

*Charities Trust cannot match fund any money raised using another fundraising site, such as Justgiving.