4 July 2020
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Action for Children

Our aim is to raise £2 million for Action for Children. For every penny raised by colleagues, up to £1 million, Royal Mail will match it.
Action for Children

Action for Children is expert in supporting teenagers who are suffering from mental health problems, or who are at serious risk of developing them. The charity has supported young people for 150 years, by providing counselling, therapy and mentoring, amongst other services.

Action for Children believes that the best way to tackle the mental health epidemic is through early intervention and prevention. The cost of treatment – if problems are not tackled at an early stage – has a much higher cost to society and to the economy.

Our partnership will enable Action for Children to deliver a nationwide, preventive, mental health programme for young people in schools for the first time. With our funds, the charity will employ specialist youth workers to deliver face-to-face support sessions for young people, to help prevent them from developing mental health problems.

We have partnered with the charity to bring you more information about the things you want to know. Click on the links below to find out more: