5 July 2020
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RMtv presenters


Name: Carol Elmes

Role: Customer service advisor

Location: Plymouth

Length of service: 17 years.

Celeb who would play me in a movie: Cameron Diaz – she’s played in many films mostly comedy films and I’m quite funny once you get to know the real me!
Top of my bucket list: Winning the lottery.
Greatest work achievement: Overcoming a lack of confidence to become a trainer for Royal Mail.
Hidden talent: That would be telling - if I told you it would no longer be hidden!
Food I never get tired of eating: Fish fingers.




Name: Sam Green

Role: Postman

Location: Camberley

Length of service: Four years.

  • A funny / and or embarrassing memory: On the first day I got my car I crashed it into my neighbour’s fence.
  • Afraid of: Big spiders, snakes and walking in the dark on the streets.
  • Best outfit: The most random items you would find in my wardrobe are my fancy dress costumes
  • Favourite sport: If I had to play or watch one sport for the rest of my life, it would be ludosport (lightsaber combat).
  • Your Prime Minister for the day: I’d make the word BREXIT a swear word.

Click here to watch Sam's best bits.





Name: Paul Bailey

Role: Area leadership team support manager

Location: South West.

Length of service: 32 years.

  • Celeb who would play me in a movie: Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert, as I’ve been told I look like him - although I don’t have £72 million in the bank!
  • Top of my bucket list: To visit the Maldives and sleep in a hotel room on stilts in the ocean
  • Greatest work achievement: Telling a colleague about an internal job I saw advertised that I believed was tailor made for them. They hadn’t seen the advert and were reluctant to apply. I encouraged them to apply and supported them with their application, resulting in them getting the job and a two-grade promotion.
  • Scariest thing I’ve ever done: Potholing with a guide who lost his way and nearly led us to the point of no return.
  • Hidden talent: I’ve a great coordination sense. I pretty much never get lost.     
  • Food I never get tired of eating: Anything Italian - I love visiting Italy.




Name: Dan Baglow

Role: Delivery line manager

Location: Swansea Delivery Office

Length of service: Seven years.

  • Nickname:Bags.
  • Favourite Royal Mail memory: Either my first day travelling to Nottingham to start my career with the RMtv team or receiving my manager of the month award in 2018 for my help towards supporting various units while they were going through IR.
  • Go-to karaoke song: Will always be 0asis – Wonderwall.
  • The catchphrase/mantra I live by: ’Be the type of person you want to meet’.
  • If I wasn’t working at Royal Mail, I’d: More than likely be coaching football.
  • Interesting fact about me that surprises people: I’m a keen guitar player, given music is personal, people tend to say this is a surprise.





Name: Anne-Marie Jane Pollard-Vearnals

Role: Driver

Location: Stockport Distribution

Length of service:17 years.

  • Nickname: Doris - it was the only name available on a badge when I worked at ASDA at age 16 or Pollardington-Pea Head, named after the Poddington Peas, a children’s TV show when I was 16, because when trying on a beret for Air Training Corps my head was the size of a pea!
  • Favourite Royal Mail memory: Making snow angels in Buxton.
  • Go-to karaoke song: I only sing in my cab!
  • The catchphrase/mantra I live by: Positive mental attitude and Carpe diem.
  • If I wasn’t working at Royal Mail, I’d: Be a glass artist.
  • Interesting fact about me that surprises people: I drive trucks, I pole dance and I blow glass!




Name: Dennis Quinn

Role: Postman

Location: Romford

Length of service: 23 years.

Celeb who would play me in a movie: Liam Neeson – a great Irish actor, tough but with a heart of gold.
Top of my bucket list: Jumping out of a plane. I’ve booked the jump for my 50th birthday in 2020.
Greatest work achievement: Surviving 18 years of solid night shifts!
Hidden talent: Dancing…I’m so bad, I’m actually quite good!
Food I never get tired of eating: Beans on toast.





Name: Joe Henderson

Role: HGV driver                                                       

Location: Southampton Mail Centre

Length of service: 15

  • Top of my bucket list: Visiting Vegas and going on the rides at the top of the Stratosphere
  • My greatest work achievement: Getting my HGV license.
  • Scariest thing I’ve ever done: Holding an alligator in Miami.
  • Hidden talent: I love gardening and have an allotment at the back of my garden where I grow all my own vegetables.
  • Food I never get tired of eating: Curry