4 July 2020
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2016 Winners

Chairman’s Awards Winners 2016

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Rachel Collins won the CEO’s award for Bravery

Rachel Collins

Rachel Collins, a postwoman from Newton-Le-Willows delivery office, has won this year’s Chief Executive’s award for Bravery.

Rachel acted selflessly whilst out on delivery. While completing her route she saw a rottweiler attacking a woman. Without hesitation, she restrained the dog, locking it behind a nearby gate before calling for help. Her swift action and bravery saved the woman’s life.

‘Helping a customer who was being attacked by a dog was scary but it was amazing to be presented with this award, as I don’t really see it as a big thing I did,’ Rachel said.  

‘The worst moment was when the dog wasn’t making any noise and I had to physically restrain it and put it behind a garden gate so I could help the customer, but I only stepped in the way most people would when someone else is in need.’

Devon Wright won the Customer Excellence award

Devon Wright

Devon Wright, a customer service provider for Parcelforce in Birmingham, won the Customer Excellence award at this year’s Chairman’s Awards for Excellence.

He joined the Parcelforce team just over a year ago and has shown a great attitude to work. He has been recognised for his willingness to go the extra mile, take on extra work and is a credit to the team and a real asset to the depot.

Devon said: ‘Parcelforce is a great business to work for and I just help all our customers wherever I can. I treat every parcel as I’d want my own parcel treated. You just need to talk to people in the right way and explain what we’re doing and it makes them stay with our business instead of our competitors.’


Kalpeshkumar Mahendra won the Best Colleague award

Kalpeshkumar Mahendra

Kalpeshkumar Mahendra, a postman from Greenford mail centre, won the Best Colleague award at this year’s Chairman’s Awards for Excellence.

Kalpeshkumar has been rewarded for his outstanding contribution to the plant. He is known for his willingness to help everyone, from frontline colleagues to senior managers, and has brought lots of ideas to the table to improve operations.

Kalpeshkumar said: ‘It’s great to work at Greenford and we’re a team where everyone helps everyone else and being part of that success is an honour in itself. It’s exciting for me and for all of us to win this award. You can only be the best colleague when you’re working with supportive people all around you.’


NDC Communications Team won the Change Champion award

NDC Communications Team

NDC Communications Team, from Northampton won the Change Champion award at this year’s Chairman’s Awards for Excellence.

The NDC Communications Team has been awarded for its commitment to making sure that everyone at NDC is kept up to date on news from across the business, and outside.

Donald Black, Work Area Manager NDC, said: ‘We’re all just totally focused on keeping everyone in the unit informed about what’s new and the improvements being made. As the business changes, it’s important that staff know and understand what is happening and the benefits.’


The Technology Data Group won the Innovation in Technology award

Technology Data Group

The Technology Data Group from London, has won the inaugural Innovation in Technology award at the 2016 Chairman’s Awards.

The group showed business units how to identify efficiency gains and find growth. Recent successes include the delivery of the Single Customer View (SCV), which has been recognised as one of the most important data assets already being used by our Address Management Unit.

Mark Smith, head of business intelligence, Technology Data Group, said: ‘We’re helping deliver a new service to keep this business going for another 500 years. Data is at the centre of our service now and helping consumers with fraud and ID theft is vital.’


Elaine Gilbertson won the CEO’s Special Recognition award

Elaine Gilbertson

Elaine Gilbertson, head of commercial resolution and complaints, has won this year’s Chief Executive’s Special Recognition award.

She received the award for her ability to deal with sensitive situations with customer service. Elaine spends a great deal of time on the telephone with customers and manages a team of people, motivating them to deliver service to the highest standard.

‘All I do is solve problems that have been escalated or suddenly become serious and this award was a complete surprise,’ said Elaine.

‘When people contact the CEO’s office it’s usually because something has been delayed for a good reason while it’s sorted out locally and my job is to speed that process up. I wouldn’t have won this award without my team and the huge network of colleagues across the business who help me solve those difficult problems.’


Judges’ Special Award

Tim Cable

Tim Cable (Picking up the award in place of Heather Middleton) 

Heather Middleton, EIB Customer Take-On Comm Consultant, won the Judges’ Special award.

Heather offered to donate her kidney to a colleague after he was diagnosed with kidney failure. Following a series of tests, it was confirmed she was an ideal donor, and the operation was successfully carried out. The brave and selfless gesture was enough to help Heather win the Judges’ Special award for 2016.

Tim Cable, collecting the award on Heather’s behalf, said: ‘Heather isn’t here because she’s out helping more people. I’m only standing here today because of her kidney donation after I was diagnosed with kidney failure.

‘She’s always matter of fact about the great things she does to help other people, from buying a wheelchair for someone who just couldn’t afford it to hearing about my problem and giving so generously.’