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Our spokespeople are available for comment and we can also provide case studies from members of the public who have been affected by businesses and other service providers not giving them a clear choice over how they receive their bills and statements. 

You can call the team directly on the details below or email us on If emailing, please provide full details of your enquiry and your contact details. Alternatively, you can read all our current releases in the ‘News’ section. 

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10th Sep 2014
The Keep Me Posted campaign has today launched its inaugural Banking Report. The report highlights three main areas of concern:1.      Charges for duplicate statements. Two thirds of the banks in the study charge between £5 and £10 for a duplicate statement. That appears to be far more than the cost of printing, production and postage 2.      No industry standard for online archiving. Online archiving varies from bank to bank. Some banks enable customers to view statements online for up to a year. Others can go back seven or more years online.3.      Proof of identity. Despite encouraging customer to go paperless, none of the top 11 UK banks and building societies questioned accept printed copies of online statements as proof of address or identity when applying for a mortgage or current account Read the full press release here:
2nd Sep 2014
Almost half of UK mortgage holders (42%) are unaware of their current mortgage rate, according to new research by communications campaigner Keep Me PostedTwo thirds of UK mortgage holders (67%) would prefer to be notified of a change to their mortgage rate via a printed letter – rising to three quarters (77%) of older borrowersA third of UK mortgage holders (31%) believe they would either have to make significant sacrifices (20%) or think they would get into financial difficulty (11%) in the event of a mortgage rate rise of just 1%Two thirds of UK mortgage holders admit that a printed letter is most likely to prompt them into taking action and shopping around for a better mortgage deal 
1st Aug 2014
 For immediate releaseTHE CHURCH IN WALES JOINS THE KEEP ME POSTED CAMPAIGN FOR COMSUMER CHOICE·        Unfair to discriminate against those who can’t go online says Archbishop·        Keep Me Posted campaign calls for consumer choice to be protected The Keep Me Posted campaign, which is pressing for the consumer’s right to choose how they are contacted by banks, utility companies and other service providers, has been joined by The Church In Wales, after the Archbishop of Wales Dr Barry Morgan signed up as a supporter.In the face of an increasing trend for businesses to switch their customers to mainly digital communication, the campaign is calling for service providers to give customers the choice to retain paper bills without charge. Research from the campaign shows that it is often the poor and most vulnerable people in society who rely the most on traditional methods of communication.The Church In Wales, which says it takes very seriously the economic, social and environmental needs of the communities of Wales, and works in areas of deprivation facing economic inactivity, poverty, debt and low skills, has recognised the barriers many people have to using the internet.
11th Jul 2014
So many people have asked about our report which found that non-internet users are paying an average of £440 more per year for goods and sevrices, that we thought we'd share a summary of the background findings with you. Let us know what you think.